August 12th, 11 AM

Have you seen the largest etching in the world? It’s named “August 12th, 11 am”. With measurements of 4 to 1 meters, made from a single metal plate, the etching still holds the first place, years later. The creators of this masterpiece are Darin Sotirov, Ilko Bardanov and (the now late) Petar Petrov. This piece of art encompasses the city of Varna in the early 20th century and is based on an original photography. The etching incorporates 61 different characters and several storylines. The frame itself looks like a classy piece of furniture and is extremely well-detailed. Many critics have called this etching “a masterpiece” and many people have applauded it ecstatically. However, the etching is not just a masterpiece. It’s a wake-up call, an idea coming to life with the purpose of bringing hope to the people. It’s a symbol of a new beginning for the city of Varna, Bulgaria. It’s much more than just a piece of beauty - the etching is the work of a lifetime for the authors and a milestone, a testament to the better times to come.

And now, this masterpiece is for sale, and YOU can be its proud owner.

The Idea

In 2002, the three artists start creating one of the most complicated and impressive etchings in the world. They did all of this with one purpose – to restore the hope in people’s hearts.

The Theme

The etching depicts the city of Varna in its richest period – the years before World War II. The artists decided to paint the port – the symbol of freedom and the city. The port is small and romantic. The clock tower shows exactly 11 am.

The Goal

Right now, on this very website, the first print of the etching is for sale. With the money received from this auction, the artists want to create a special cabinet with various tools and equipment needed for graphical and other types of art. The cabinet will be free to use by children – future artists.


Petar Petrov, Ilko Bardarov, Darin Sotirov

The authors are three friends who were brought together by their love for art.

Petar Petrov (passed away) - Petar was a graphic illustrator. He graduated the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria in the class of professor Tomov. Back in 1979, he started a theater called “Valna,” which was a creative field for experimental theater.

Ilko Bardarov - Ilko graduated the National Academy of Arts with “book illustrations”. He is still an active painter.

Darin Sotirov - He never graduated any art school. He got his talent for painting from his grandfather, along with the passion and the hardworking mentality. Darin is among the first in Varna to work on graphic design. He founded the agency called “Bars” and used to own a printing company. Darin was also the publisher of a magazine called “All About Varna” for 15 years.

These three painters founded the atelier called “Daedalus” or “Dedal” in 2000. They shaped the interior design of many famous buildings in Varna. However, the three of them also converted the atelier to an art school, where they teach children and prepare them for universities and specialized schools. They dislike the teaching systems in the schools, so they teach by their own system.

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